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Baizuan,Mr. shao to attend the guangzhou international professional lighting
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China (guangzhou) international professional lighting YinXiangZhan thanks banquet was held, puno, stage lighting, shao always were invited to attended the reception!

China (guangzhou) international exhibition of professional lighting, audio thanks banquet on November 28, 2013, nan fung lang hao hold grand hotel in guangzhou. Reception in Frankfurt exhibition (Hong Kong) co., LTD., senior general manager Mr Cao Jiansheng, guangdong international technology trade exhibition company general manager ms Yang ling, community gave association of guangdong province and guangdong xinghai performing arts group vice President Lin Pai when Mr By nations, guangdong recording engineer association vice-chairman concurrently secretary general Mr, guangdong TV, deputy director of the guangdong gold depending on the television program manufacture co., LTD., deputy general manager Mr He Weicheng EnPingShi electroacoustic industry association secretary general Mr Wu Hongyun, China audio industry association secretary general Mr Chen Lixin, guangzhou huadu district branch bureau letter section chief Mr He Weining, electronic audio industry association secretary general Mr Yang Shouping, guangdong community gave association secretary general Mr He Weiqing audio-visual and lighting technology research institute, guangzhou university professor peng miao yan in the Frankfurt exhibition, managing director of guangzhou, Mr Hu Zhongshun co., LTD., Shanghai international exhibition center, deputy general manager ms wang lei and other important guests to attend, meanwhile there are many wonderful performances, scene eight idea to play, like a cloud.

By abundant international resources, and more than one hundred years of experience in exhibition in Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD takes root and the eleventh year of industry base of guangdong international technology trade exhibition companies work together to hold the 12th China (guangzhou) international exhibition of professional lighting, sound, on February 24 to 27, 2014, at the China import and export fair pavilion area A grand opening. Both sides respectively on thanks banquet, led welcome speech and exhibition development plans.

Guangdong international technology trade exhibition company general manager ms Yang ling before the reception to thank the majority of exhibitors, media and audience's strong support and said: "eleven years, 11 years, under your strong support and actively participate in guangzhou fair has grown into China's largest professional lighting YinXiangZhan. Looking forward to the future, the sustainable development of guangzhou fair to rely on you to continue to participate in. As one of the organizers of the guangzhou fair, we will continue to uphold the pursuit of quality, service and corporate responsibility, deepen the cooperation with Frankfurt exhibition company, give full play to the resource advantages, expand exchanges and cooperation in many aspects, open innovation, efforts to attract a high level of foreign exhibitors and professional buyers, for technical communication and industry innovation to provide a broader space for development, better to help local companies to the world."

Frankfurt exhibition (Hong Kong) co., LTD., a senior general manager Mr Cao Jiansheng also preparations for the exhibition to the guest and the future development trend: "in 2014, the exhibition scale will continue to expand, optimization services, inject new elements, actively cooperate with and promote the development of industry, integrate with the world market. The exhibition scale by last year's nine pavilions to 11, an area of 110000 square meters, the exhibition attracted from 18 countries and regions, a total of 1100 companies, is expected to usher in more than 50000 professional buyers to visit procurement. This exhibition of strategic deployment is to set up a" sound brand pavilion ", famous both at home and abroad excellent enterprise and brand. At the same time, the exhibition will through a series of activities during this period, improve the whole software industry, for the industry to introduce innovative thinking, the development concept, is committed to develop more buyers market. This includes and guangdong TV station and modern TV technology jointly organized the international television lighting technical seminars, for the first time the German professional audio and entertainment technology association (VPLT) support, invited palace level experts and all projects share international art studio lighting projection technology; show more cooperation with the China hotel association seminar for hotel professional audio video equipment, and organize professional buyers, buyers for exhibitors to bring suit; the show will also be a large perimeter array demonstration activities, bring intuitive hearing test for viewers to visit.


In addition, the vigorous development of southeast Asia and South America entertainment will bring unlimited business opportunities for the lighting and audio industry, the exhibition is more for the first time Brazil's national Musical Instruments and audio manufacturers association (ANAFIMA) support and assistance, vigorously promote the exhibition. China (guangzhou) international exhibition of professional lighting and sound will work closely with global industry group, for the Chinese professional lighting and audio industry to provide industry information and the opportunity to develop international business.

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