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Kiev international lighting fair
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Guangzhou puno stage lighting co., LTD. Pay close attention to show progress, focus on the latest trends of the industry information!

Exhibits range

Building lighting: mining lamp;

Commercial lighting: lighting the theatre and entertainment;

Illumination lamps and lanterns, embedded lamps and lanterns.

Road lighting, television, stage lighting, emergency lights, garden lights, lawn lamp;

General lighting: light bulbs, halogen tungsten lamp, fluorescent lamp, neon lights, light emitting diode, transportation, and light;

Accessories: lamp holder and switch, ballast (energy-saving inductance ballasts, electronic ballasts) electronic trigger, electronic transformer, electronic tuner,, lamp power supply, the starter dimming control equipment, all kinds of optical device (optical, acoustic, infrared sensor and dimmer);

Electronic products: socket, circuit breaker, cable wire, electric control boxes, meter, switch board, capacitors, transformers, etc.

The exhibition to introduce

Growing demand for Ukraine lamps and lanterns, market purchasing power is strong, its domestic demand market of lamps and lanterns, basic is the phenomenon of imported products, domestic product is complementary, and become the largest lamps and lanterns in Ukraine in China into going abroad. In recent years, our country the amount of lamps and lanterns products exported to Ukraine has increased by 8 times, in 2006 our country already account for 15% of the Ukrainian market of lamps and lanterns, in 2007 China's lamps and lanterns in the Ukraine market share rose to nearly 30%. For Chinese manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, to participate in "the ninth lamps and lanterns of the Ukraine international exhibition" will be a great chance to develop Ukraine market.

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